The applier in the cause of LG Phillips Co Ltd v Tatung (UK) Ltd and Others [2006], command a UK government grant for ascension a lying on your front flat solid salute instrument inside a two-part housing, which could be unified into products specified as laptops or liberated character machine monitors. The official document was in the main oriented at LCD displays for laptops. The applier brought legal proceeding in opposition three defendants in the patent part tribunal. It was declared that the defendants had infringed the official document through with the manufacture of a closed electric circuit video monitoring device. The defendants denied infringement, and in reality counterclaimed for the annulment of the official document in query on the boundaries of anticipation, noticeability and insufficiency.

The applier afterwards sought-after to have one of the patent claims amended in writ to just part of a set of the defendant's defence for annulment. The claimant argued that their endeavour would come to nothing if the courts did not let the proposed amendments. However, the defendants submitted that by allowing the amendments to yield place, spare issue would be accessorial to the exclusive rights different to s.76 of the Patents Act 1977 ("the Act").

The preliminary planned rectification designed the abolition of the sound structure of the ability to the forward inhabited. In the inventive patent, near was no try out on how the ability would be connected. The claimant submitted that by making this rectification no more entity would be added to the patent because in at slightest one embodiment of the invention, the opinion that "the ability should not be basifixed to the forefront housing" had been unveiled in the goods verbal description.

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The second projected amendment meant that the fastenings would be at the back the level flat solid flourish. This dimension appeared in a caricature of one of the number one embodiments of the invention, but was otherwise unknown. In the first patent, no reference of this characteristic having ingenious bearing had been made.

The pass judgment command that the amendments should not be allowed as they grooved extra entity contrary to s.76. He for this reason dismissed the assertion for intrusion and allowed the defence for revocation on the base that the claimant had conceded that if the amendments were not made, their motion would fall short. The claimants consequently appealed to the trial of plead.

Their interest was dismissed for the subsequent to reasons:

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§ If the spec disclosed precise sub-classes of the overall imaginative concept, next it should be practical to revise downward to one of those sub-classes. However, in this cause the amendments which were sought were individual disclosed in a specific linguistic context and were not unveiled as having any ingenious substance. Introducing them into a assertion would have in need them of that context, consequence that the amendments were not apt to be added to the maintain. This is a act titled 'intermediate generalisation'. This is proven much specifically in the second amendment the applier applied for. The 2nd correction proven to add an otherwise mysterious portion which had simply been shown in a scrawl. There was no telltale sign that the characteristic had any creative significance, and the rectification did not desire to fasten any some other features displayed in that illustration. This is an unmatched instance of halfway generalisation, which is not permitted.

§ It was command that the Act was desire to foreclose the proprietor of a patent from amending a accusation to such an extent that they were effectively want to shelter a polar creative thinking to the one in the inspired entry. Therefore, provided the creativity in the amended assertion was unveiled in the untested contention when publication as a whole, it would not insult s.76 of the Act. Where the rectification incorporated a disclaimer which narrow the claim, it was command that a specific disclaimer did not 'add matter' if it was inserted into a allege to shun an 'accidental' anticipation, but it did 'add matter' if it was inserted to reject a 'non-accidental' expectancy. An 'accidental' expectancy is one in which a revelation relating to a cut off scientific pen is made. It can as well develop wherever the idea concern apprehensive does not assistance to lick the trial self-addressed by the government grant in questioning. In the bag in question, the eldest correction either sought to add a point to the unobstructed which was not addressed expressly everywhere before, or it wanted to add a renunciation for products which had all the features of the accusation rescue that the power was steady to the in advance construction. If the opening investigating was correct, past the rectification would be deemed to add new inventive bearing to the patent and would anger the plan on adding together issue. If the 2nd investigation was correct, next the correction was efficaciously a repudiation built-in for the job of preventing the averment from extending to an component part of prior art. It would be arduous to open that the antecedent art was in a lonely scientific piece of land.

The go-between was hence proper to have disallowed both amendments.

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