The voices for pro and con abortion are sumptuous and they
are firm in their beliefs. While the "unborn" are at a
disadvantage and cannot maintain themselves, their sound
is speechless and others are tongued for them.

There is different procession to be considered and they weigh
heavily on the whist and minds of large indefinite amount. The headlines
boldly state the applied mathematics and the media smile loosely as
they story the "findings" of the day. So what interest group is this
that is likewise still and not allowed to exclaim for themselves?
It is the plainly thousands that are killed in wars crosstown the
world - the quiet ones whose bodies lie on rubbish roads, or in
broken downward buildings. In reality, it does not concern which
side they are on for departure knows no edge or makes judgments.
What ingroup they were operational for, in the peace of stillness,
is of no consequence- the jubilation terminated the staggering figures
by the opponents is disrespectful to humanity. There is no
joy in killing, and nearby is no function or self-importance when
dead corpses animal group a terrain. They were living, and exhaling
human beings. Their beliefs were sector of who they were
in go -but the fact, that it is "legal" or "in the greatest interests"
to have them gunned hair or blown to bits is the inscription on
the granite that will mark their closing going. They were a existence -
plain and comfortable - line of work a scoop a spade - they were a existence
that was extinguished.

No entity where you turn day-after-day within are "counts." Nine of
this cabal shot down, a 100 blown up in a mosque, and
"by mistake" cardinal lives were interpreted who did not want the war
and could not do by a long chalk astir it. Someone is miserable for having
pulled the gun trigger or down the open fire on. Another someone ordered
the impairment and they too have a allotment in the ruling. The
toll to human race is a scar that festers and will not mend. Yet, when
you add the media's "gladness" about the "enemy" losing life
and limb" then do we really conjecture if here is joy on the otherwise
side when one of our countrymen is killed time on taxes. Neither
government has the territory of natural life in its hands. This was and e'er
will be leftmost to the complex beings who not lone originate time but can purloin
it distant - no quality can bear witness to this powerfulness and charge righteousnous.
The lowermost rank and the sole file is that all of them was a "person."
There should be no win through in sighted other beingness freezing and unmoving.
No substance the circumstances, it is sad and it is sorry.

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The status of those in reproach will be concealed on beside the unit of the
victim yet that guiltiness will not be stonecold. It will result in the earth to
rebel and the disorder of personality will attest to the importance of the
sin.Yes, someone killed is a victim, no event the damask spoken language used in
newspapers. If they did something false or were on the incorrect
side of the fence, it does not exculpate a person attractive their energy and
boasting next to the information so that other unnamed ancestors could join
in the occasion. They were a associate of only one tribe, single one
group, and solitary one height. They were quality beings - and otherwise quality
beings did not bequeath them being so they do not have the spot on to thieve it
away. There is no "right" concluded anyone to decide different must die - no
mandate or private physical structure of other than human beings who not individual clutch the
lives, but tell the reality because they genuinely privation support to alleviate
the condition and the load of the noesis that they themselves are
the "lowest" on the graduated table of humanity, for they either did the massacre
or sequential it. It could be in war, in thoroughfare crime, or in any new channel.
Violence individual begets belligerence and here is no pride in the attractive of
any life, only misfortune.

In war, the exculpated are the regular citizens and the management consecutive
troops that frontage annihilation if they teeter in their committedness. The powers that
be in all territorial division are in existence retaining the rifle, aiming the container and
squeezing the trigger. They may not be in harm's way back home, but their
humanity is and essential reply for what they have through. In war, however,
stress and the trepidation of the state of affairs can organize to supernumerary killing, above all
caused by mistrust. Now other quantity of the farce is brought into
play and much status denies heaps lives to see different day.

The countries or the factions are indistinct and none can truly be supercilious
of what they are doing - the other inhabitants that waits on the dwelling ground
should be maligned that society has not achieved the advance-
ment that juncture should have given it. Killing is bloodbath whether in the
womb or anywhere along the splash of go. There are no separate oral communication and
there indubitably are no platitudes of greatness. It is killing and to fan the
fact so others articulation in the implementation is a improper that will never be for-
gotten, or should of all time be let off as thing smaller amount.

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The ground of the planet runs red near store humor and the scars from bombs
and armament will sole comprise blotch body part but in the end - they are a remaining mark
and a sad warning of what man is confident of but likewise of what human beings
and traditions cannot appear to bring about even next to all the modern-day fluency
and skill. If we truly were advancing as a social group past the pursuit for
bigger and more toxic weaponry would not even be a prudence. If
civilization was on the suitable course of advancing consequently "arms races" would be
totally destroyed and "conflict" would lonesome be a linguistic unit nearly new in a flat timber area
in the heat energy of sentiment when differing views were discussed. The actual
act of war would be invalid and grouping would turn out its brainpower powerfulness and
resources for a solution to portion that were existence perpetrated by
human beings - the bodies laid to residuum by familial solitary demonstrate to the information that
we have not achieved a connotation of the objective of energy - and those blameworthy in the
actual death, order the killing, supply the weapons, or production more
killing equipment would be looked hair on and the soul of grouping
would never excuse such as a low even of being.

A duration is specified by a influence greater than man and that's why man cannot make
claim to suspend it as a "casualty" There is a responsbility to care for it and
to permit any natural life to attain all it can. When civilisation can truly allow to this
fact and live by it - then peace will come up to our heavenly body. Until then, applied mathematics
should be a basis of misfortune and all mankind should merely pray for the nation
of mankind to pull off the importance it was conscious to but someways can't
seem to range. All duration is costly and all duration is central. It is sure that when
any energy is missing due to violence, all the remainder of the lives lose a bit of the pretext
they are in being and this is a sad statistic so. The lone echt celebration
will come up when slaughter is stopped in any shape or style and on any environment. It essential
be exterminated and pizzicato from grouping as a cancer that single breeds much
of its own benevolent. Violence has no dump in humankind or in the world - those who
relish it or bring into being it essential be stopped. Their unlawful stairs head others to book
that they would not otherwise wonder about. War is not and never will be an reply
to thing. Death is not an response either sole a end product.

©Arleen M. Kaptur
July, 2007

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