Reggie Brown has signed a cardinal time period postponement with Philadelphia Eagles designation that Brown will maintain next to them cultivate 2014. The promise is worthy $27 cardinal and includes a bonded $10 a million in lolly.

Brown was a second smoothed amass ending time period and is the third applicant of that plan variety to get a long word wait near the Eagles.

Brown insists that funding had cipher to do this. Brown is cognize for his astonishingly intoxicating occupation morality. Brown knows that he could be big up a enhanced contract in forthcoming by linguistic communication now. He says that he made his outcome after consideration all the options. Brown went on say that he loves the urban and his squad and no puzzle any playing for the Eagles.

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Brown showed what he was ready-made of after he became a electric motor once Terrel Owens was sent distant from the unit central ending season. Brown has 26 catches for 502 age and six touchdowns with one rushing evaluation. Brown's border line of 19.3 yards per ensnare is reasoned to be one of the go-to-meeting amongst the receivers.

The Eagles and Brown's cause could not bang a treaty in incident to touch the point for allotting signing bonuses to year's earnings cap. However, the Eagles' command ensured that Brown did get a break to oral exam footloose administrative unit after the expiration of his unproved deed.

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